Q: How do I buy on ForCheap.today?
A: ForCheap.today is an advanced price comparison website. Just search for the product you want and click Check Details to go to the store and see the full details.

Q: How do ForCheap.today sort the products results after search?
A: ForCheap.today uses dozens of factors when ranking results with the main focus being relevancy to what was searched. If you prefer sorting by price or any other parameter, just use the different filters at the top and on the left.

Q:The price I see on ForCheap.today website and in the store is different. Why?
A:We aim to give our users the lowest product. Sometime you'll just need to look carefully for other sellers on the same page who do sell it for the price we listed. In other cases the price might have changed in the few seconds it took to click.
Please email us if you feel there's a mistake.